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Server management, website development and website hosting available.We also gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like with a dedicated VPS managed server.

A dedicated VPS server offers security not available with shared hosting. provides linux VPS dedicated servers. All our VPS dedicated servers are hosted in a state of the art datacenter and come with an integrated control panel. Support for VPS dedicated servers is available from our experienced dedicated server experts. is aware of the importance a dedicated server is to your business. This is why we can offer services for redundancy and failover to different locations across the country and the world.

Benefit from a dedicated server under your control. We run dedicated DNS servers to supply all your domain name needs Simply the least expensive way to get reliable high speed connectivity for your VPS dedicated server 12 month minimum contract required for all  VPS dedicated servers. We make it easy to get up and running on your own VPS dedicated server with our award wining Control Panel to remotely administer your dedicated server securely. You get full access on a VPS dedicated server built specifically for you.

Dedicated VPS Server benefits:

The advantage of a dedicated database server is that you control access, thus a better security policy.  A dedicated VPS server would give you the benefit of better performance levels i.e faster

 A dedicated VPS server gives complete control over all the sites you have hosted on your server.

With a dedicated server you can create as many POP3 accounts and FTP accounts as you require without any additional costs.

Need reliability and over 20 years experience to manage your server systems? Yes we can get it done for you, quickly and professionaly.


Having a custom designed website that is responsive to different screen sizes is the only way to go.  A website needs a minimum of 5 pages to be considered a website.

We offer Static designed websites as well as CMS based website designs. All being responsive, so they look good on any device.

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