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Ecommerce Shop hosting for the small online store, see the features and compare to the other shop cart hosting. We support and manage the following ecommerce shopping carts.



Open cart is small lightweight and fast and is easy to work with, has many plugins.

OpenCart is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart solution. We complete the installation for you, then you select your template, add products and your ready to start accepting orders.

With built in order management and multiple payment gateways already built in and opencart provides lifetime free support and free software updates. Many installable extensions and payment gateways available.

OpenCart has a guest checkout feature so that customers don't have to sign up for an account and can simply just enter the minimum amount of details required to process their order.


Zen cart

Zen cart is our favorite cart and have used and supported it for many years. 

All in one Zen Cart Package Ecommerce hosting plan provides you with the features you need to run a fully functional and secure online store.

You can protect sensitive customer data, effectively manage product searches and orders, and deliver an online shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Available Zen cart versions 1.39h and the new 1.5 version. Zen Cart™ is superior to most in ease-of-use, features and price.



Presta shop, is an impressive cart that has many features. PrestaShop will help you to simplify the daily management for your online store so you can sell more and deliver a great customer experience.

Built-in SEO features make it easy to soar to the top of search results. Promotions can be quickly added to categories, best-sellers, and shipping fees.

A centralized back office simplifies your day-to-day store administration.

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Fast  and user friendly Open Cart

Open Source
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Manufacturers
Product Reviews
Product Ratings
Downloadable Products
Guest Checkout
Payment Gateways
Automatic Image Resizing
Multiple Tax Rates
Related Products
Unlimited Information Pages
Shipping Weight Calculation
Shipping Methods
Discount Coupon System
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module System
Backup & Restore Tools
Printable Invoices
Sales Reports
Multi-Store capabilities
Standard mobile ready with choice of template layouts.

All free modules are available from the openCart site and can be freely installed.

Mobile Friendly Zen Cart

Standard Modules / Features
unrestricted shopping
unlimited category depth
downloadable virtual products
physical merchandise
products can reside in multiple categories
product options as dropdowns, radio buttons,
checkboxes, and text input
individual special prices
category-wide sale prices
discount coupons
minimum and maximum purchases per product
prices by attributes
multiple language support
multiple tax support
multiple shipping methods
multiple currency support
multiple payment methods
change layout from admin
built in newsletter
Plus many more features
daily backup
weekly backup
Modules Pre Installed
Seo Mod pre-installed
Google-Merchant Center Feed ready
xml sitemap ready ( for Seo )
Image handler
Standard mobile ready with choice of template layouts.

Hi Power Prestashop

Quickly create products to sell online
Configure features and values
Create packs of products
Sell customizable goods by letting your customers upload files
Create products with variants from a list of attributes using the combinations generator
Create and sell digital products
Attaching files or display additional information in product pages
Set a minimal quantity to purchase for some products
Choose which message to display for out-of-stock items
Create categories & subcategories

Track the inventory of each product
Create suppliers and associate them to products
Create manufacturers
Get an overview of manufacturers and suppliers with sorting order and filters

Offers payment methods
Configure the shipping methods
Run geographical delivery zones and apply shipping carriers
Determine the pricing of the offered shipping methods
Define maximum dimension of the packages
Enable SSL
Set the shop as a catalog

MORE on Prestashop

Configure the display of the products

Organize your products in your store
Configure filters, sort order and pagination of products
Configure your internal search engine
Display results with the main information about the products listed
Use different display mode or layered navigation
Add a product search box in your 404 error pages
Inform your customers about your store
Display your physical stores on a google map
Configure the one page checkout
Display a summary page before the customer validate the cart
Display & allow your customer to navigate in the checkout process
Allow your customers to quickly create an account
Let your customer choose the addresses select shipping & payment methods
Add reinsurance text block
Let customers to validate their orders
Display a confirmation page with related details
Create CMS pages or blocks focused on legal information
Display legal contents on the specific & appropriate pages
Make your checkout process compliant with the European (German) laws
Comply with the European laws by displaying information about the shipping information and prices
Apply the revocation terms
Exclude digital goods from the returnable items
Set Ecotax
Configure taxes depending on the locations
Apply tax to the shipping and wrapping fee
Display taxes for US customers
Configure coupons
Choose the discount mode
Create price rules
Make special offers on various basis: products, customer or on order
Offer free shipping
Display complete product page with call to action buttons, cross-selling and promotional content
Suggest products to your customers
Promote specific products
Use slider to promote products
Let customers add gift wrapping
Reduce abandonment cart rate by sending emails
Reengage customers by sending them an email containing viewed products
Let customers signin to receive back-in-stock emails
Run the SEO of my store
Run the SEO of my product & CMS pages
Connect your store to social networks

Get an overview of the orders Create orders from the admin 

Edit an order on customer request  

Create a workflow of statuses for both order & return process 
Receive notification for new orders 
Print a delivery slips in PDF 
 Create templates of emails & send default emails  

Automatise emails sent
 Configure the customer account creation form  

Enable your customers to get an account on your store
Allow your customers to run & track their orders  
 Run your Customer database  
 Manage the addresses of your customers  Create new customers or edit the existing ones  

Import / Exports lists of customers

Easily find customers

Personalize the user experience of your customers by creating customers groups

Run your Customer Service  

Access to the summary of the customer service activity  

Receive notifications
Create an IMAP access & send the requests to the right employee
Set default replies
Allow your customers to process return
Generate credit slips to refund your unsatisfied customers
Turn any cart into an order following a customer request
Display a contact information & form with pre-defined subjects
Get Insights
Overview your main data, define objectives and track your progress  
Get a forecast of the main stats with filters
About Marketing Performance
Measures the impact of promotional campaigns  
Reports about traffic
Get insights about in-site visitor navigation
Get data about shipping methods
About Products
Get a full range of insights about your products  
See your most popular products and highlight them in your store
Get an onverview of your stock and stock coverage
About Sales & Customers
Get data about sales  
Get an overview of all the carts currently opened with stats
Segment customers to better reach them

R 169

Opencart p/m

Free Setup
Free SSL
Dedicated Resources

R 199

Zen cart p/m

Free Setup
Free SSL
Dedicated Resources

R 249

Prestashop p/m

Free Setup
Free SSL
Dedicated Resources

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