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Trouble tickets
When requesting support for a trouble ticket, it is always best to choose the right category. A trouble ticket needs to be entered even when phone support is available.

When filling in a trouble ticket it is best practice to complete a ticket and supplying the following infomation :

  1. Describe the problem as cleary as you can.
  2. Detail what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  3. Alternatively if this problem is intermittent, please advise when it occurs, also give your time zone so we may use that as a reference time when checking logs.
  4. Please advise what you have tried to correct the problem, if you believe it is from your end.
  5. Have you done a trace route or ping test, to determine if it is a connectivity issue?
  6. If you received an error message, paste it into the trouble ticket.
The more concise and descriptive your trouble ticket is, will assist us in resolving the issue far more quickly. Please note that you can also check our articles to see if the answer to the problem has been diagnosed previously and the solution detailed and listed.
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