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Web sites need to be optimized to rank on Search Engines

How easy is your website to find on the internet?
Our website analysis will show you an exact overview of your presence in the most important business directories, SEO metrics, and much more. 
  • On page - We ensure your content and structure of your website is optimized and kept up to date according to the latest Google guidelines.
  • Local Seo - Choosing the keywords that are most important to you and that most accurately describe what you offer. Keywords should be on your web page. Keywords that are too general may increase the competition and therefor will be more difficult to rank. The more targeted the keyword, the more relevant your visitors are going to be.
  • Link Building - Registering in a directory helps you when setting up your backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better it is for ranking. High quality backlinks wil help you more. This is why you should register with all Directories. You should give your keywords about 3-6 months for ranking before you take further action.
  • Social Media
  • Competitor Analysis - Understanding how you comare and rank in relation to your competitors and what SEO strategies are required to make you rank better.
  • Keyword ResearchWe determine how many times your customers are searching for your product or service every month? Our specialized SEO software we are able to access this data and determine which most traffic keywords you should be ranking for.

Search Engine Optimisation will help you :

Rank Better On Google and Bing
Get More Potential Customers To Your Website
Increase Conversions
Target Specific regions - locally.


You can only know you are improving with your SEO when you can measure your success. Have your ranking data for all of your keywords, we have all of your ranking data for each of your selected locations. This way you can find out how well you are doing in every region you are targeting and operate in. We can monitor your competitors and their rankings for their chosen keywords and positions.

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