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Backup VPS Servers

IP based Backup server solutions, offerring dedicated solutions for all your backup needs. FTP / SFTP / SSH backup service is excellent for unix / windows dedicated hosting clients that would like to have remote file backup. Setting up a cronjob to automatically FTP / SFTP / SSH backup files to our Backup Server's is easy.


Backup Solutions

Daily and weekly

We recommend SSH backups. The ideal solution for website backups, database backup.Support for many clients and servers with IP based access control, web access limited by IP.

All our dedicated servers and ecommerce hosting plans are supported with secure SSH backups. An example would be :

Full Backup of all data and databases - weekly

Daily incremental backup of new files and data.

Assume a backup of 2 Gigs once weekly and incremental backup of 200 megs daily, then you would only need a 20 GB backup Plan

Alternately onsite, off site and cloud

Assume a backup of 5 Gigs once weekly and incremental backup of 100 megs daily, then you would only need a 30 GB backup Plan.

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